My True Ancestry

Your true ancestry might involve a lifelong journey but it can be one of thsoe special things that is a diffult but worthy endeavor.

Where to Start?

Determine what you know about your family and ancestry. Your family history starts by writing down what you know and what you and other family members remember.

Write down what you know or think that you know. Capture key pieces of information such as names, dates and places of birth, marriage, church events, relationships, and death. This needs to be a group effort and not just what you know. Talk to relatives to find out what they know. Think back to all of those family stories that you and others related to you might remember.

my true ancestry

Figure out what is missing. Review your written information and interviews to determine what information is missing. What individuals or families are the most interesting? Figure out what’s missing and choose a few goals or questions to research. Focus on one question at a time, answer that (or get to a good stopping point) and then move on to reduce errors.

Find documentation that supports your true ancestry. Systematically go through your lnotes that you’ve written down. Try to find sources rather than relying on just hearsay. Collect as many records about a family or individual as you can. Be aware that some information will only be available for paid sources. either online or offline.

Reflect. Make an effort to really understand your family’s story. You aren’t handing in a term paper; you are working to understand where you came from and understand those that came before you.

When finished, you’ll have a truly special thing.